Dickinson City

Estimate Taxes

True and Full Value X 50% = Assessed Value

Assessed Value X 9% for residential properties and 10% for all other properties = Taxable Value

Taxable Value X the current Mill Levy = Annual Tax

The following example uses a residential property valued at $100,000.

Assessor's True and Full Value $100,000
Assessed Value (50% of True and Full Value) $50,000
Taxable Value (Assessed Value X 9% residential tax rate) $4,500
Annual Tax ( Taxable Value X the *Mill Levy) $1,038

*Note: 2023 Mill Levy 0.23075 (230.75 divided by 1,000).  The mill levy is subject to change annually.

For state forms, publications and calendar information, see https://www.tax.nd.gov