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Important News

--- 04/16/2020 ---

Following the April 8th City Board of Equalization meeting, adjustments to values were made per the directive of the Dickinson Board of Equalization.  New notice of increase and notice of value are being mailed out currently.  Following delivery of the new notice, please contact the Dickinson Assessing office if you have any concern with your value.  If you wish to be eligible to be heard by the Dickinson Board of Equalization, you must contact the Assessing Department by Wednesday, April 29th to allow adequate time to review the property record card prior to the meeting. 

Please email concerns and support material to assessing@dickinsongov.com .

--- 04/16/2020 ---

Values currently displayed are the Working values calculated following the City Board's of Equalization directive.  If you have any questions or concern about the value of your property, please contact the Assessing Office.