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Important News

--- 03/25/2020 ---

Values currently displayed are the Working values calculated prior to the City and County Board's of Equalization.  If you have any questions or concern about the value of your property, please contact the Assessing Office.

--- 03/25/2020 ---

Due to the positive nature of the local economy, the Dickinson Real Estate market increased in nearly all segments last year.  In order to meet State of North Dakota Law in regard to property valuations, the Assessing Office made across the board increases of 10% to the structure value of both Commercial and Residential properties.  Land values remained unchanged for this year.

Due to the COVID-19 virus and precautions being taken across the State, we are requesting that anyone with questions about their property’s value to review your parcel record card on our website, first.  If you notice any errors, please feel free to call us and discuss these concerns, as Dickinson City Hall is being closed to all outside visitors.  We ask that all informal inquires be made by April 2, 2020, to allow us time to address them prior to the Board of Equalization meeting on April 8, 2020. **subject to current COVID-19 Federal Guidelines.